Mission Statement

The mission of the True Football League is to provide an educational, safe, and fun environment where every athlete is given an opportunity to participate in team play, is coached to become a better football player, and made to feel like an important and contributing part of the team.

Purposes Statement

The purpose of the True Football League is to provide an opportunity to participate in the game of football regardless of race, creed, gender, color, nationality or disability. It is further the purpose of TFL to aid young men who participate in this sport:

1.) In the improvement and development of football skills

2.) To teach and promote physical , mental, and moral development.

3.) To teach a sense of fair and honest competition.

4.) To promote fair play at all levels resulting in good sportsmanship.

5.) To encourage, aid and support means for the playing or football.

Our Goals:

We believe organized football is more than the footballs, helmets, shoulder pads and uniforms. Our league wants to avail to our players the opportunity to learn the aspects of teamwork, the virtues of character, courage, loyalty and respect for authority. In addition, we strive to promote self-discipline that enables our players to lead our nation tomorrow. Our league is made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom work year round to execute the necessary tasks in the interest of our players.

The TFL ........ where we put our players first!!!